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Ethical Ijara is a socially responsible rent to own model

Get into Home Ownership simply by paying your rent each month.

#DECOM – Decentralized Common Sense is used to qualify you for a Rent to Own Transaction where you can take over ownership via an IJA token that can travel with you even if you leave your rental property.

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Funding & Financing

Finding the perfect way to fund a real estate property for a family or business can be difficult. There are so many factors to think about before deciding on a financial transaction. Let us at Ijara Community Development Corp. help ease the decision-making process for you with our rent to own alternative.

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Passive Investing

We believe that real estate is a long term investment and you should be rewarded for your time. That’s why your rewards are based on how long your real estate investment appreciates. 

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Building Value

ETHICAL ($ETHi) is our token that represents the ethical side of Real Estate Acquisiton in order to be more inclusive to everyday people. We know the barriers to home ownership can be overwhelming at times and most lenders look to screen out applicants for loans in various ways. Other limiting factors can be related to credit scores or creditworthiness based on your length of employment. What if you could invest as little as $5000 in real estate without the head aches of applications, meetings, paperwork, and waiting on qualification results? What if you could realize more gains the longer you held your investment in a real estate project or the entire portfolio? And did we mention no property management headaches.

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A Few Words About Us

Ethical-Ijara is setting the standard for crypto-backed real estate on the blockchain.

Ethical-Ijara represents two different tokens which can be utilized with our smart contracts to add value to your portfolio by using our Time-Lock advantage in order earn staking rewards.

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Backed By Real Estate

Do you ever find yourself asking what cryptocurrencies are backed by? We do too! Now you can ensure that your crypto is backed by the strongest asset class in the world. North American real estate.

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Powered By Ethereum

We decided to launch ETHi on the Ethereum blockchain after careful consideration for our use case because it is one of the fastest-growing layer 1 protocols designed with smart contracts and it has already achieved wide-spread adoption.


Because ETHi tokens are backed by hard assets which require a deed-transfer to settle, no one is able to hack the double-ledger technology which keeps a copy of NFT deeds on record.

16+ Years of Experience in
Real Estate Lending & Project Development

Our goal is to help as many people as possible across the world acquire and own real property easily and affordably. Our direct approach cuts out the middle man and allows you to invest in our ever expanding portfolio of properties by acquiring the token which represents the property via an NFT (non-fungible token) or the financing arrangement to capitalize a project.

Landmark Project

ETHi Tower

Own a Piece of the Towering NY Skyline, this is a project that is contemplated, the exact location is not determined. the Concept is to Develop a Property into a High Rise Residential Condo Tower. We have yet to engage a developer or engage an architect to create plans.